Why Much Travels?

At Much Travels , we have one focus and that is simply to make your trip the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Being avid travellers ourselves, we know what is essential to creating that perfect trip and combine all of these elements in every one of our tours. With fascinating destinations, expert guides, like-minded travellers, premium accommodation and travel – not to mention competitive prices; we strive to tick all the boxes to create the most unique and authentic travelling experiences.Explore exotic destinations filled with wonders as Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Israel & Tunisia. Much Travels group tours are ideal for culture-hungry adventurous travellers chasing the most unique travel stories around the world. Much Travels guests are not just tourists, but avid travellers. Join us on one of our tours to find out the difference.

Premium Discoveries

Our unique itineraries allow you to discover the essence of a new culture at its home, whilst travelling in comfort and style with like-minded travellers. Our experts have travelled to all corners of the globe to determine the most attractive destinations and the best routes for timeless and unique experiences.

We aim to minimise the time spent travelling and use comfortable private transportation on all group tours, while delivering unparalleled value. Our tours are delicately designed to include must-see sights, authentic culture, history and optional activities, with enough freedom and flexibility for you to discover on your terms as well.

Unforgettable Adventures

Whether roaming the streets of a new city, chasing unique adventures, exploring the less-travelled path with native guides and like-minded travel mates, or clearing your travel bucket-list… In every one of our tours, we strive to create unforgettable adventures of a lifetime.

This is why we always include destination-unique experiences and sightseeing of all unmissable highlights on our trips. Paired with a selection of attractive optional activities and free time for you to discover on your own terms, we delicately balance cultural discovery, adventure and relaxation.

Quality Accommodation

We hand-select the accommodation used on our tours, which must meet our strict standards of quality in terms of comfort, convenience, and style. To soak in the authentic culture and lifestyle, you will stay in hotels, permanent camps and old town medinas. From 5-Star seaside resorts to natural volcanic cave-hotels; superior A-class cruise boats to traditional Nile feluccas…

While each destination and region has its authentic style and different quality standards, we ensure that you get the best accommodation around for the best price. You can visit the tour pages to find out about the accommodation details for your tour and start day-dreaming today.

Comfortable Journeys

To ensure a comfortable and safe journey throughout your trip, we use modern private vehicles on all our tours and cover many incredible sights while travelling in comfort and style. We strive to minimise the road time on all our itineraries and include domestic flights and train rides on select tours to save time and energy for more discovery. We welcome you with private airport transfers on many of our trips.

When sailing on the Nile, we enjoy 5-star Nile Cruisers or traditional Feluccas with added comfort..