1.1 – The present general conditions are an integral part of the tourism service provision contract and were prepared in strict compliance with the rules contained in the Consumer Protection Code, the normative deliberations of EMBRATUR and with the guidelines of the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators.

1.2 – Much Travels is a company that provides tourism travel agency services that provides part of its services through contracted third parties, whose choice is always made within the strictest criteria of quality, personal and professional integrity, always aiming at the good service and full satisfaction of the client (s).


2.1 – VOUCHER: Document issued by the Agency and delivered to the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) at the time of payment confirmation or up to 24 hours before departure, at the discretion of Much Travels. It contains a summary of the contracted services and serves as proof of booking hotels and other possible services. It must be presented by the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) to the reserved hotel (s) or other service providers.

2.2 – INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: It is the duty of our customer (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) to make sure which services purchased are included in the price paid. Therefore, only service items that are expressly mentioned in the program or voucher as included in the price should be understood as included in the price.

2.3 – PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: The travel program does not include the following expenses: Fees for airports, ports, borders, security, government taxes, IRRF, vaccines, expenses with the preparation of personal documents, obtaining visas, fees tourism, luggage carrier services, tips, excess baggage charges, daily rates, meals or travel exceeding those included in the program, phone calls, drinks in general, products from the minibar, meals not mentioned, room services, saunas, beauty salons , gymnastics, massages, cable TV, movies, laundry, in short, everything else that will be used consumed or purchased by the tourist without being in the program specified as included in the travel price.

2.4 – OPTIONAL SERVICES: In the descriptions of the products / services, we indicate tours, visits and optional restaurants. These are not included in our product, constituting a mere suggestion, and we are not responsible for the operationalization, quality and / or refund of amounts corresponding to them.

2.5 – VALIDITY CONDITIONS OF THE OFFER: The advertisements and leaflets published by Much Travels, containing indications of prices for complete trips and / or isolated fares will have their validity restricted to the mentioned period. However, published offers may suffer possible increases due to the exchange rate variation of the indicated currency, the increase in toll fees, the price of fuel and / or any other factor that demonstrably changes the costs of the package or tourism trip, whether determined by competent governmental authorities or not.

2.6 – TRAVEL IDENTIFICATION: It is necessary that the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) check, in advance, which personal identification document is required at the destination of their trip. With the exception of trips to the Mercosur countries, a valid passport and in some cases even a consular visa and proof of vaccination will always be required. Minors require special authorization to travel, in accordance with the provisions of Law 8.069 / 90, which must be obtained by parents and / or guardians by the date of departure.

2.7 – TRANSFERS OR TOURS: These are passenger transport services carried out at tourist travel destinations, between ports, airports and hotels or vice versa, as well as for driving tourists to other itineraries previously contracted by Much Travels, always made by suitable vehicles, in good condition and hygiene, of proportional size to the number of passengers transported and may be shared with other client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s). Transporters will not be able to delay transfers to wait for passengers who are delayed for any reason or who may have been arrested and / or detained by local authorities. In case of delays, the passenger must contact the local receptionist informed on the voucher, inform the delay and check for possible changes to the service. In the event of missed transfers due to delays that are not reported in a timely manner, the service will not be refunded.

2.8 – TERRESTRIAL: Much Travels only intermediates the hiring of companies recognized as providers of this type of service, owner of a tourism category bus, which will be used in road trips, which must meet the good operating and conservation conditions, all duly guaranteed by the respective contracted companies, and also equipped with special equipment to ensure comfort.

2.9 – TICKETS TO THEME PARKS OR SHOWS: Tickets are non-refundable. Once purchased and paid for, they cannot be refunded. TICKETS AND TICKETS: the tickets and tickets issued are bearer, so Much Travels is not responsible for their loss, theft or injury upon release.

2.10 – TOURISM GUIDES: Tourist assistance services are provided by professional tour guides, regularly enrolled in CADASTUR, in accordance with the relevant legislation, being able to accompany, guide and transmit information, to people and / or groups during the travel period. In the case of International Guides, they are registered in accordance with the relevant legislation in the country in which they operate, being able to monitor, guide and transmit information to people and / or groups during the travel period.

2.11 – FOOD: Meals will be served to the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) during the travel period, according to the type of package purchased, the details of which are specified in the program.

2.12 – LUGGAGE: The transportation and weight limit of the luggage of the customer (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) will be made in accordance with the specific conditions and criteria of the national and / or national airlines or international, whose franchise system is printed on the boarding pass. It is recommended that you avoid checking checked and / or fragile objects in your luggage. As for road and rail travel or land transfers, the baggage allowance is 01 (one) bag of up to 23kg per person for transport in the luggage compartment, in addition to hand luggage, with reduced weight and volume, compatible with the spaces reserved for such purpose . In case of loss, the records and complaints must be made directly at the place of the occurrence. In cases of loss during air or sea travel, there are pre-established indemnity coverages, which must be verified by each company.

2.13 – TRAVEL INSURANCE: Some international destinations require passengers to take out insurance in advance, for example, countries belonging to the Schengen Area. According to the European Tourism Commission (CET), travelers from South America need to prove the purchase of travel insurance / assistance with a minimum coverage of € 30,000 (thirty thousand euros) so that they can enter countries that make up the Space Schengen. This information will appear in the contractual specifications and, therefore, the Contractor must acquire the corresponding insurance policy. These services can be contracted by the passenger with Much Travels or by other means that it deems appropriate. For travel in Brazil, contracting insurance or travel assistance cards is optional, the services may be purchased or not through Much Travels and will also be expressly included in the contractual specifications. It is up to the Contractor to identify and purchase insurance with the coverage that best suits his needs.

2.14 – ACCOMMODATION: The name of the hotel hired by Much Travels, as well as the quality and specific conditions of each room or apartment are included in the service order or voucher. Category, special location and in some cases even the private bathroom implies a difference in price, which must be paid by the tourist. Each hotel has its own check-in and check-out policy, but generally the international standard for entry is 15:00 (local time) and departure at 12:00 (local time). Thus, early check-in and / or check-out may involve extra payments, to be made directly to the hotel. Normally hotels, when entering the establishment, require their guests to have a valid credit card (international when outside Brazil), for a security lock that can guarantee the use and consumption of extra items. The blocked amounts will be refunded at the guests’ departure, if there is no consumption.

2.15 – ACCOMMODATION ON SHIPS: On sea voyages, the accommodation of passengers is made according to the availability of cabins verified at the time of purchase. In the case of sea voyages included in the package, once confirmed, and the cabin is guaranteed no matter how early the cancellation request is made, the fines imposed by the International Maritime Companies will be applied following the cancellation policy of item 7.

2.16 – ACCOMMODATION: The double apartment may have separate beds or not. The triple or quadruple apartment can consist of a folding bed, queen or king size beds, a folding bed or a sofa bed (or two double beds). The configurations of the apartments vary according to the availability of the suppliers. In case there is a possibility, for any reason, that the performance of the contracted services is compromised, Much Travels may change the planned hotel to another of a similar category to the contracted one.

2.17 – HEALTH CARE: Climatic conditions, time zone, turbulence in flights, rough sea conditions and food can cause malaise, headaches, seasickness, intestinal, respiratory problems and even stronger disturbances to passengers / tourists. Thus, considering that the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) may have difficulties in acquiring medicines while traveling, it is recommended that they take with them a small amount of medicine necessary for such emergencies.

2.18 – MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Insurance for medical assistance and / or health insurance must be paid for by the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) and can be obtained by consulting the travel agent. . For those who are already health plan holders, it is recommended that you check the coverage limits of your plan (s) in advance and always carry the card with information and data necessary for care.

2.19– SPECIAL SERVICE: The client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) that require special assistance, such as physically or mentally disabled, pregnant women or the elderly, must inform Much Travels in advance of their needs, so that the necessary support can be provided.

2.20 – AIR TRANSPORT: The air ticket is the expression of the air transport contract, signed between the passenger and the transport company, and is therefore governed by international standards (Warsaw Convention) and the Brazilian Aeronautical Code. Much Travels only intermediates the hiring of a carrier that is authorized by the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC and the Ministry of Defense, with due regard for the prerogatives contained in the Brazilian Aeronautical Code (Law No. 7,565 / 86), as well as the other rules in force, showing the names of these transport companies on the ticket tickets, number of flights, departure point, stopover and destination, the segments to be flown, the timetables, the names of the passengers and other technical information (class, seat, category, reservation code, etc.).

2.21 – The carrier may not delay a flight to wait for a client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) perhaps held by tax or police authorities for inspection or by immigration and customs authorities or any other situation of any nature. Failure to board will characterize trip cancellation and will suffer the penalties specified in item 7.

2.22 – CONNECTIONS: passengers who depend on a connecting flight must perform it with a minimum interval of 03 (three) hours. When this happens at different airports, the time period must be at least 05 (five) hours.

2.23 – CHILDREN’S FEE: From 0 to 01 years: Free tour and free accommodation, if double or single, From 02 to 05 years: Pay 25% of the total amount, if double room, From 6 to 11 years: Pay 50% of the total amount, if double room, Over 12: Pay the total amount. (If your package includes air tickets in Egypt, an extra fee may be charged for each accompanying child to be checked at the time of travel).


3.1 – Much Travels, clarifies that it is a company that acts only as an intermediary between its client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) and the actual providers of the contracted services, such as hotels, airlines, transporters freelancers, etc …, who are responsible for the sole, exclusive and specific task of executing the contracted services, which are, therefore, exclusively responsible for the good and adequate provision of the service.

3.2 – Much Travels clarifies, according to the rules contained in the laws: 10.406 / 02 (Brazilian Civil Code) and Law 8.078 / 90 (Consumer Protection Code), which is exempt from liability for any and all problems or harmful events that occurred during the period of travel, whether due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, understood as such, strikes, disturbances, pandemics, quarantines, public calamity, wars, natural phenomena (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, avalanches, etc … ). Much Travels further emphasizes that it will not be responsible for any damage, problem, accident or injury, whether of an patrimonial or personal (moral) nature, resulting from the exclusive fault of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) and / or third party service providers, such as modifications, delays and / or cancellations of air, sea and / or land routes, due to technical, mechanical and / or meteorological reasons; loss or loss of luggage, personal effects, money, jewelry or other valuables; problems with hotel services, restaurants, meals, in short, for any event that Much Travels does not have the power to predict and / or control and / or that is directly related to the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) and the respective service providers.

3.3 – In the event of flight delays, accidents and loss or loss of luggage occurring on the air route, it is previously established that the responsibility is the exclusive responsibility of the airline in question and in accordance with international standards (Warsaw Convention) and the Code Brazilian Aeronautics, the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) are already aware that the liability for any indemnities will be exclusive to the airline in question.


4.1 – The price of the national tour package purchased, considering only the services listed in the travel program as included in the price, is expressed in national currency. The price of the international tour package purchased, considering only the services listed in the travel program as included in the price, is expressed in dollars or euros, converted into national currency, at the exchange rate practiced on the day of signing the contract.

4.2 – The total payment of the national tourist package purchased must be made in cash and in the country’s currency, at the time of confirmation of the reservation together with the signing of this contract, which serves as proof of purchase and enrollment in the chosen program.

4.3 The total payment of the purchased international tour package must be made in cash, 40% of the total value in Brazil, converted into national currency, at the exchange rate practiced on the day of signing the contract and 60% of the rest of the total amount in dollars or euros , in kind at the destination.

4.4 – Much Travels may, at its discretion and convenience, accept other forms of payment, such as Boleto, credit card, account deposit, etc …

4.5 – Failure to pay the total price by the date established for confirming the reservation will result in its cancellation, applying to the case, the penalties set out in item 7 and its subitems below.

4.6 – In cases of payment in installments, the default of any of the installments will give rise to judicial collection of the debt, plus legal interest, monetary correction, attorney’s fees, procedural and extra-procedural expenses, in addition to other amounts applicable to the case.

4.7 – The customer (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) are aware that, if there is a default, Much Travels may take steps to suspend / cancel the reservations made until the situation is regularized, if the trip has not started, subject to the penalties applied by the suppliers.

4.8 – Prices may change without prior notice due to exchange rate variations and / or governmental resolutions that are proven to change them.

4.9 – The price of the aerial part may be adjusted without prior notice, provided that the airline determines it, in accordance with the resolutions of IATA and the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC.


5.1 – Much Travels informs that in periods of high season, holidays, extended holidays, parties, events and local celebrations, due to the high demand, local service providers may, eventually, change arrival and departure times, change hotel accommodations and / or modify schedules in the schedule (s).

5.2 – Much Travels reserves the right to promote any and all changes, which may be necessary for technical, operational, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, especially with regard to the date of air or sea departure, hotel reservation, of land transport vehicles and / or any other service previously booked in advance by Much Travels, always in order to guarantee the physical integrity of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), as well as the perfect and total execution of the contracted services, without prejudice to the quality.

5.3 – In the case of changes indicated in items 5.1 and 5.2 and which are promoted by Much Travels, it will guarantee its client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) the proportional refund of the price paid in the event of any downgrade of class and / or category between the services contracted and those actually provided, as well as return, the full amount disbursed in cases of cancellation and non-performance of services that are promoted exclusively by Much Travels.

5.4 – On trips whose departure and participation depends on a minimum number of people, when this number has not been completed by 72 (seventy-two) hours before the departure date, Much Travels will offer its (s) client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) other travel options to replace the canceled one or the immediate return of the amounts paid, monetarily adjusted and plus legal interest, being the exclusive responsibility of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), the choice.


6.1 – The client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) must present themselves for boarding at ports, airports, road or railway stations strictly with a minimum advance of 3 (three) hours for the time indicated on the voucher or boarding ticket for international flights and 2 (two) hours in the case of domestic flight and reconfirm directly at the company. each subsequent flight at least 72 hours before departure.

6.2 – It is the responsibility of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) to present themselves at the meeting point for national or international excursions, tours, guided tours and / or transfers with at least 1 (one ) hour in advance, with no delays on the part of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s). MUCH TRAVELS will not assume any responsibility if the user (s) lose (s) the activity or the transfer booked due to lack of punctuality and / or because they are not at the meeting point. Activities will not be reimbursed.

6.3 – When boarding, in any travel schedule, the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) must (s) carry with them: the personal identification document (identity card) within the validity, the passport for international travel cases valid for 6 months, counting the date of the end of the trip and 4 blank pages (it is important to note if the expiration date has not expired), the complete documents issued by Much Travels (voucher or service order). It is important to note that the lack of any of the documents listed above, as well as any damage that makes them illegible, may determine the impediment of boarding, referring to the application of the penalties provided for in item 7 of these general conditions.

6.4 – Obtaining visas, authorizations from national and / or foreign authorities or any other document necessary for leaving Brazil or entering the country of destination is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer (s), passenger ( s) or tourist (s) for both clients should consult the table available on the website:

6.5 – Much Travels advises all client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) that only people traveling with destination or stopover / connection in countries requiring vaccination need the Certificate International Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP), this information is available at

6.6 – Much Travels also stresses that due to the principle of state sovereignty, it is not responsible for the permanence or entry of any client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) in a foreign country, even when the documentation presented find yourself complete and in order. Therefore, in these cases, requests for indemnity and / or reimbursement of amounts paid will not be made against Much Travels.

6.7 – It is the obligation of the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) during the travel period, to behave in accordance with the rules of good education and good customs, respecting the other client ( s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), being also forbidden to all client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), under penalty of disconnection: causing disturbance, disorder, offending physical and moral integrity , the health of other tourists, passengers, guides, crew, soiling and / or damaging the facilities and equipment of hotels, aircraft, ships and vehicles, as well as performing any other act contrary to the national legislation in force or the country visited. It will be the exclusive responsibility of the Much Travels representative to decide to disconnect the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) for the reasons indicated above, with the penalties provided for in the item being imposed on them. 7 below.


7.1 – Cancellation is understood as the withdrawal by the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) and / or the contracted service.
7.2 – Cancellation will also be considered if non-boarding, on flights, ships, connections and / or ground routes, of passengers held by local authorities.

7.3 – Requests for cancellation, withdrawals, changes or transfers of the trip and / or contracted services must be made in writing or via e-mail to the tourism agent and will imply the application of penalties such as variable administrative and communication expenses according to rules established by third parties involved, such as operators, hotels, airlines, etc. For each reservation. Penalties will be applied according to the amount of time they are communicated to Much Travels, in accordance with the provisions of the items below.

I. From 0 to 07 days after receipt of payment and signature of this contract the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), can effect the cancellation is FREE.
II. 08 to 15 days after receipt of payment and signing of this contract the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s) the fine is 15% of the package value for cancellation, or according to the fines informed by suppliers (airlines, receptives, hotels and other services).
III. Up to 45 days before departure: loss of 70% of the total package.
IV. Less than 45 days before departure, or no show (NOSHOW) 100% loss or cancellation charges depending on our suppliers (airlines, receptives, hotels and other services).
V. You will also be charged administrative fines such as: 5% Card Fee, + 10% agency administrative fees for the consultant’s service time.

7.4.1 – Cancellation and refund requests will only be considered if the request arrives in writing to Much Travels.

7.4.2 – The refund will be made within 30 days after the written written cancellation request. The Agency is responsible for the return of the amount received from the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), less the fees and fines mentioned in item 7.4.

7.4.3 – In the event of a request for reimbursement of the national or international contracted package, the customer (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), must make the full payment of the package value.

7.4.4 – In case of payments made on the credit card, the agency may choose to make the refund directly on the passenger’s card.


7.5.1 – In cases where the client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), give up (s), abandon (s) or cancel (s) the trip, stage of it or any other service contracted, as well as not showing up for embarkation or departure from the land stages in the pre-established time, whatever the determinant fact and regardless of the reasons that led (s) to such decision, there will not be, in hypothesis no refund of amounts already paid, discounts, bonuses or reductions proportional to unused services.

7.6 – The client (s), passenger (s) or tourists who are disconnected from the trip for the reasons indicated in item 6.7 above will lose all amounts paid, as well as not being entitled to a refund of amounts already paid, discounts, bonuses or proportional reductions to unused services.

7.7 – The replacement of client (s), passenger (s) or tourist (s), may be made according to criteria of convenience and possibility determined exclusively by Much Travels, always requiring the following requirements: there must be a prior request, in writing, within 06 (six) days from the start of the trip and that the air ticket has not yet been issued. If the ticket has already been issued, the provisions above apply, plus the fees and tariffs required by the airline in question.


8.1 – Any claim related to the trip and the services provided by Much Travels, must be made within the decadential period of 10 (ten) days and addressed, in writing, directly to the customer service, previously designated by the company to evaluate the matter, and after necessary verification and deliberation, the solution to the case will be presented.

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